3/5 Dysfunction Junction stars

Hmm. Not exactly sure what the plot of this story was other than to showcase the mental instability of all the characters. Lfunny-celebrity-pictures-dysfunctional-families

Let’s start with our star-crossed lovers!
Wow! These two are utterly infatuated with each other in a completely addictive, unhealthy way. I get that Sam and Mason are in LURVE, but really. This:
There was always some contact between us. Even when I used the bathroom, he stood next to me brushing his teeth with our feet touching.

Sharing a bathroom is one thing, but always touching, even when you’re peeing or pooping? Is Mason going to wipe her butt in the next book?

Now, let’s move to the adults. I can’t decide if Analise is a psycho bitch or a sociopath bitch. Is it possible to be both? The woman needs to be locked up in an institute for the criminally insane, IMO. But, oh no, she’s free to walk around destroying the lives of everyone who comes in contact with her. Especially her daughter, Sam.

What I don’t get is why all these men stay with her, even when she threatens their families. What power does she have over these men? Does she have heroin in her lady bits?

I think that must be it. And James needs to go to heroin rehab ASAP. Analise makes you kick your own sons out of your house. That is messed up. That you agree to it is even more so.

Although I had some issues with this book, I have been convinced by some of my friends that the series improves and that book 3 is top rate. So I will be starting it soon.