4/5 stars

Sometimes I like to go into a book without knowing anything about it. That was the case for this book. This was an Amazon recommendation. I loved the cover, the blurb was intriguing, so I went for it. I’m glad I did.

What I liked: The plot. The MC, Michael,  seemed very realistic to me, especially in the first six or seven chapters. How he handled his death–the disbelief, anger, sadness, loss–very well done. He wonders about the same things I would if I were a ghost. He has some of the same questions. Also, he is frustrated with his ADHD. I have a son with ADHD, and I thought the characterization is really well done. Especially how his knee wiggles all the time.  I also liked how he questions his beliefs and if heaven really exists. Although it was a bit instalovey, I did enjoy the part Sarah played as the ghost of the Angel of the Sea.

What could have been better:  The execution. I liked the plot though, and I was interested enough to see how the story turned out to overlook it. Some of the transitions were a little rough, and I wasn’t sure what the purpose was of some of the chapters. <spoiler> Like the alien chapter. Unless it was to show how judgmental Michael and the alien could be.</spoiler>  Michael has a temper, makes snap judgments about people he hardly knows, and thinks he deserves respect as an adult even though he acts like an immature kid sometimes. Still, by the end he realizes he has a lot to learn. For that, I give him credit.

This is going to be a series, so naturally it leaves a lot of unanswered questions. I will likely read the next book, because the author has made me curious enough to wonder what happens.