5/5 lust-filled stars

That’s me while reading this.
I have never read a dystopian tale like this before! After World War III, a world-wide dictator has come to power. In this bleak future the people aren’t allowed to make the most important decision in their lives–who to love. At age 21 the government matches you with whomever they feel will suit you best. If that person is on another continent, you pick up and go, leaving family and friends behind. There is only one way to avoid an arranged marriage–agree to go on a government-sponsored reality television show called the Temptation Trials.

The couples are separated. The guys go to one island, the girls to another. Each island is filled with beautiful and seductive people whose sole purpose is to tempt the contestants to be unfaithful.

This tale is told through alternating viewpoints of Stef and Cali. They have met and fallen in love with two terrific guys, Tobias and Kincade, respectively. With their twenty-first birthday rapidly approaching, they know their only shot at staying together is to go on the Trials. It should be simple to resist infidelity if you truly love your soul-bound. (That’s what they call their soulmates.) But in the five seasons the show has been on, not a single couple has stuck together.

They weren’t expecting the raging out-of-control hormones and a lust so powerful it makes the contestants lose all sense of propriety. Morals are thrown out the window. I won’t give any spoilers, but there is a nefarious reason no one can keep it in their pants.

I liked both the women. Their boyfriends and the two island tempters are great too. It was hard to make up my mind who to root for.
By the end of the story, the women and the island tempters realize they have all been played. Can love save their souls? Not likely.
They learn you can’t sin your way to righteousness, and doing the “right” thing the “wrong way” never works out.

I threw everything into the kiss, not knowing if it would be our last, or are future.

The story ends in a cliffy. B, hurry up and publish the next installment.