4 Trillion out of 5 Trillion stars.

Lilyn of Sci fi and Scary recommended this book to me, and I’m glad she did. First of all, as you can probably guess from the cover, this book was written in the nineties. Even if you read another edition it doesn’t take long to realize that Lorgin is not a hero of the third wave feminism variety. He is refreshingly masculine, although he does get bossy pants at times. I didn’t mind. I was too busy enjoying it. I couldn’t help but compare this to Ruby Dixon’s IPB series as I was reading. While I do like the Blue Barbarians more, Lorgin grew on me quite a bit. He started off as a pushy, ignorant alien, messing up Deanna’s life. By the end I realized what a perfect match they were for each other. Great story and cool world-building. At some point I would like to read more about his Familiar brother, Rejar.