4.5/5 Jerry Springer stars!

OTT- The drama is strong with this one!

Just when you think things couldn’t get more insane, they do. No one in this book has a filter and everyone needs a cold shower to combat the raging hormones. The adults are no better than their teenage kids. With the exceptions of Jill and Rose (who have very minor parts) Faye is the only girl described as have any virtue.

The rest of the girls, including complete strangers, only want to rip their underwear off at the sight of the Kennedy boys.
I’d call out the author on slut-shaming, but I can’t because it’s more like slut bragging.

I mean when Whitney says this, you can hardly feel sorry for her: I give great head or so I’ve been told.

TMI- As no one has a filter or a maturity level above fifteen, you can just imagine how they let it fly. Brad, dude, you didn’t need to confess your undying love for Faye in explicit detail. Everyone knows, dude. You just don’t learn from past mistakes, do you? Can’t blame Kyler for not trusting you. Faye, I know you feel bad, but you need to stay away from Brad. Your presence just makes things worse. Take a step back and stop making it about you.
Brad isn’t the only one with TMI. All the girls and women other than Faye can’t keep their mouths shut about all the ways they would like to further debauch the Kennedy brothers. Kyler comes across as a real elitist prick when he shoots down the waitresses and some of the other girls. He even calls them horrible names. Yet, they still want to do the dirty with him. Seriously??? It’s called self-respect. If he spoke to me that way I’d have to introduce him to my middle finger.

PDA- Kyler and Faye are the perfect couple and they love to demonstrate it in front of others. Note to Faye and Kyler, if different people at different times are commenting on your handsy behavior, then you probably should get a room.

WTH- This could probably go under the OTT heading but it works well here too. Some of the drama was just unbelievable. There was no need for Adam’s children to meet Faye at the Kennedy house. A more neutral location would have worked better. As expected everything went to hell pretty quickly. There are other instances of a more private, less dramatic option being available, but the characters choosing the most OTT scenario they could dream up. Even if it defies all logic. I’m of two minds on this. It annoyed me enough to take off a half-star, but at the same time, it makes the story that much more page-turning. I’ll leave it for you to decide.

HEA-After Faye and Kyler take out the trash, they can finally concentrate on being a normal couple. I will be waiting to see what happens next with Kal.

Man taking out garbage