4/5 It’s about time stars.

I had to read this last book in the Mia/Adam saga to see them finally make the long-awaited trek down the aisle. This installment has some really good points. For example, there is far less of the stupid miscommunications that plague them in prior books. Having said that, Adam should have told Mia about the BOD ultimatum much sooner. For this book, I give the couple a B for communication.

I didn’t enjoy this one as much as the others. Perhaps it’s because there wasn’t as much conflict, or because there was way too much sex. (Did I really say that?) Yes, I did. I even meant it. By the time Adam arrived for the wedding I was skimming. Still glad I took the time to read it.

Now for that intro to the next book…I don’t know if I can read it. I already have no sympathy for Kat.