5/5 Forgiveness Stars

The author gifted me a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

This is my favorite Kennedy book of the series. I am quite shocked that it is considering how things were left between Kal and Lana in the Kyler books. I don’t want to get all spoilery so I will just say this: What Lana did to Kal in a prior book was an absolute deal breaker for me. If I were Kal, I might be able to forgive her to give myself some peace, but I would never want anything to do with her again.

There is no OTT drama in this one, and I enjoyed it more because of it. Kal sees all the pain he caused Lana and is willing to fight for her love. Lana beats herself up enough so that I don’t feel the need to do so. I still don’t like what she did, but I found myself cheering for this couple in spite of it. Then, in this book, she did another beyond horrible thing to him. Again, no spoilers. With these two betrayals, if I were Kal, I’d be looking into MGTOW.

At least Lana has to take some heat for her poor decisions. I’m glad the author wrote that in. It would have been harder to overlook and believe if she hadn’t. Kal’s reaction was totally believable too. Instead of storming in, he took a day to calm down and think things through. It didn’t stop him from telling her the truth though.
Sorry is far too easy a word for her to say. Sorry cannot even begin to compensate for how she’s treated me this time.

If he had folded, and told her all was forgiven, I probably would have thrown my Kindle across the room. Instead, this:
“I came to UF to fight for a second chance. To prove I could be the man you deserved, but things have changed. Now you need to prove you’re the woman I know you to be, because the Lana I knew didn’t lie, and she sure as hell didn’t allow herself to be manipulated into doing things she wasn’t comfortable with… But you’re not her, and I can’t believe in you, can’t trust you, not when I know what you’re capable of. And without that, there is no us.”

At this point I was fist pumping the air. Kal absolutely needed to step away and focus on himself and his responsibilities. He couldn’t worry about Lana’s feelings. She sure as hell didn’t worry about his. If the book had ended here, I would have been fine.

But it didn’t. No spoilers, but I did like the ending.