5/5 Hoar Frost King stars

I put off reading this for a long time. I think I was sad that things were pretty much shorn up with Barrons and Mac’s story, and I wasn’t ready to let go. Also, I wasn’t sure I wanted to read a story so Danicentric.

I was wrong on all counts. I loved being in Dani’s head. She’s fearless, despite her young age. It’s hard not to love her zest for life and adventure. She’d rather risk her life, face death head-on, than live to old age in safety and boredom.

Ryodan is like Barrons. I get that. Hard to know. Still, he’s not fooling anyone. He cares about what happens to Dani. Even when she makes him so mad he threatens to break her legs.

Dancer is delightful. I hope he is in more of the coming stories.

Christian is the character I feel most sorry for. He has no control over the fact that he’s turning into a monster. He can’t help it. But he’s still not pleasant to be around. He’s lost the most in this post AWC world.

On to the next book. Hopefully, Dani and Mac get their stuff sorted.