4/5 stars.

I love this series. The mythology of the story and the world building are fantastic. So is the writing. Ms. Moning sure can craft a page-turning story. Having said that, Burned is my least favorite in the series so far.


It’s not that this story wasn’t as gripping as the others; it’s that the characters did things I didn’t like or I thought they were inconsistent with their characters. It starts in the very Prelude. It is a flashback to Darkfever from Barrons POV. He goes to the hotel to try to get Mac to leave Dublin. In the original, he threatens Mac and leaves. In Burned, they engage in wild sexcapades all night long. Mac feels guilty and regrets it, so Barrons uses Voice to wipe her memory. I absolutely hated that the story was changed. I much prefer Barrons and Mac’s first time to be when she is Pri-Ya in the beginning of book four. This version seems contrived, more like the author wanted to go in a different direction than she actually omitted the “truth” in Darkfever. In Burned, Mac gets her memory back, she’s angry at Barrons, but it goes on a bit long and even she admits she’s acting stupid about it. The other part of the story that I didn’t like that Lor was faking Pri-Ya and Mac went along with it. I thought it would be so much more interesting if the Unseelie Princess was able to turn one of the Nine Pri-Ya and getting him to come back to himself.

I did like the parts with Jada Making her an alternate version of Dani who has aged five years in the Silvers. Going after Christian to save him from the Crimson Hag was necessary. I’m curious as to how the black holes will factor into this world AWC. I want to learn who this mistress of the King is and how she factors into the story. I have some theories about it, but I’ll have to keep reading to see if I’m right.

That ending. My goodness! I have to start Feverborn right away.