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*********************This review contains spoilers for book one***********************

The Temptation Trials are over. The contestants now have to make their choices known at the Soul-bound Trial and attend the Temptation Ball. That should be easy, right? Not.

The regime packs the original couples and the other contestants they cheated with onto a cruise ship for the trip home because that’s the kind of people they are.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what happens next:

Somehow, Cali and Stef have to keep things cordial with their original boyfriends and the new guys because they still have to figure out what the big bad Eminence is up to.

The Soul-bound trial confirms their worst suspicions: It was never their choice to make. After the weirdness with Eminence’s strange book, they decide to talk to some priests who know more than they do. What they find out is bad, like judgement-day-type bad.

Yep, it’s going down. It’s all going down at the Temptation ball. The regime pulls out all the stops to humiliate the contestants in the worst possible way. Imagine being televised sitting at the table with your lover and your boyfriend watching a a big screen flaunting your infidelity to the world. But Cali, Stef, and the guys have to endure it if they have any hope of taking down the evil twisted Eminence.

It all goes to hell in a hand basket pretty fast. I won’t spoil the ending, but some shocking things happen.

Probably what I liked the best is the questions that Stef asked afterward. Are the Temptation relationships destined to fail because His Highest was warped and evil? Or did it all work for good for God’s purpose? Maybe Eminence was the ultimate match-maker.

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  1. Thanks for the great, fun review! You always post great pictures. I’m glad that the Trials what you think.

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