4/5 Mind your business and don’t mess with the mob stars.
My great friend B. Truly and I will be doing a buddy read of this series.

Mia sees something she shouldn’t have. Worse yet, Vince, a mob family member knows what she saw. He doesn’t want to kill her, but he is interested in her. They fall in love. Happily ever after–Not.

Vince’s cousin, Mateo Morelli, is head of the crime family. Everybody (and I mean everybody) warns Mia that there is no way Mateo will let her live once he finds out what she saw. And he will find out. Mateo knows everything. So, Vince breaks up with her, hoping to spare her. Mia is heartbroken.
But it is all for naught. Mateo finds out anyway, takes her to his home, and points a gun to her head. He agrees to let her live, as long as Vince still wants her, but she has to move into his house, and for all intents and purposes, becomes Mateo’s mafia bride.

I won’t spoil the rest of the story, but I’ll just say that Mateo is just as bad if not worse than everyone warned Mia. He is all about controlling his friends and family, and if you want to live, you’d better be loyal to him. Period. The end. Again, everyone warns Mia, especially Vince, but she thinks she can play nice and befriend the hardened mob man. Boy, is she wrong.

The plot of this book was amazing. I have mixed feelings about some of the characters. Some of Mia’s actions did bother me. Like why didn’t you call the cops anonymously to report the fire next door? At the time you didn’t realize they were already dead. I thought Mia was way too naïve. (Hasn’t she seen the Godfather or Goodfellas?) I wanted to smack some sense in her.

However, even if she was Stephen Hawkings, she never could have outwitted Mateo, and he never would have let her go. So I guess what I’m saying is, it really didn’t matter that she was incredibly naïve and trusting.

I also don’t like Mateo–like at all. He’s a garbage human. Again, no spoilers, but what he did to Mia was so terrible, I don’t see how she can possibly like him in any way, shape, or form. From what B. tells me, I will start liking him in the following books. I hope he grows on me. From what B. tells me, he probably will.