4/5 I think you need to get your head examined stars.

This is another buddy read with my friend B. Truly. You can read her review here.

I must say, I am very conflicted with this story. I love the plot, and I am a plot girl, so if I don’t love the characters, it’s not the end of the world. And it’s not so much that I don’t like Meg or Mia. It’s more like I can’t relate to them because I would never in a million years react the way they do.


I will try to minimize spoilers, but there will probably be some. When Mateo finds out Meg is trying to kill him, he threatens her daughter by putting her in a crate and dousing it with what she believes to be gasoline. She strikes a bargain with him to save her daughter from a fiery death. She will be his maid/concubine. I am totally on board and would do the same thing.

But then she develops feelings for him. This monster terrorized your daughter. Even if she wasn’t scared to begin with, she would get that way pretty fast when she sees her mother screaming and crying. Do what you gotta do, fake it for your daughter, I get it. But.Do.Not.Fall.In.Love. If I read a Tinder profile that said something like “Sexy mob boss. Will threaten your offspring, put you in a dungeon, and will possibly kill you if you betray him”, I’m pretty sure that would be a deal breaker for me.

If Mia is naïve and too trusting, then Meg just isn’t very bright. When Mateo thinks Meg is cheating she apologizes that he had to read text messages she never wrote. She tries to comfort him even when he insults her. Heck, by the end of her time in the dungeon I’m beginning to believe she cheated on him, too.

Like I said, I would do what I needed to do to keep my daughter safe, but I wouldn’t ever make him feel good for insulting me. I’d be the ice queen around him. I would deny, deny, deny, and never admit to something I didn’t do. I would definitely not be welcoming him into my arms or feel pity for him. He’s the one who is in the wrong.

It was the ending of this book that saved it for me. While I can’t wrap my head around Meg’s thought processes, I am interested in what happens next. It’s definitely going to be interesting.

Also, I really like the cover models. I may have seen them somewhere before…