3.75/4 stars

Continuing my buddy read with the excellent B. Truly. You can read her review here

Wow! Where to start… I really loved the first half of this book. Being in Sal’s head was a lot of fun, and I enjoyed Fran too. But then we got to that pesky Mia/Vince/Mateo triangle.

Why does every girl in this book whose name begins with an M fall in love with Mateo? IDK. What I do know is that Fran has a split personality. In book one she clearly preferred Vince over Mateo. And let’s not forget that Fran is pushing Mia into the arms of her Mateo–her rapist. Let that sink in. Now she’s trying to break up Vince and Mia so Mateo can have her. Mia and Fran are talking (hypothetically of course) about breaking up Mateo and “the maid”. Mia thinks it would be wrong and that Mateo is unavailable. Fran’s all for it. Not once does anyone consider that Mia already has a boyfriend. Whoopsie?

Vince, here’s your sign:

Fran’s matchmaking continues and this was hard for me to grasp. While she’s planning her wedding, at the rehearsal dinner, and at the reception, were her thoughts consumed with her beloved Sal? Heck no. She was scheming to get Mateo and Mia together. That is Abby Normal.

And Meg is either truly stupid, has not a single jealous bone in her body, or is playing 4D chess with everyone. I suspect the latter.

Anyway, I must be brave because I am continuing on. Francesca, knock it off.