3/5 These chicks have lost it, stars.

After looking at other reviews it’s clear to me, I’m reading this book wrong.
Everyone else sees Mateo this way:

I see Mateo this way:

Mateo is sick and twisted. I’m no psychology major, but there is something seriously wrong and diagnosable about the way he tests people’s loyalty. Maybe he got torture tips from the guy from Saw?

Of course, the women are just as culpable for putting up with it. It’s like a version of Jacob, Leah, and Rachel from the bible. Jacob loves Rachel more, but she has no kids. Leah is unloved but gets all the babies, while Mia *literally* gets all the meat. Maybe Meg is an opportunist who is fine as long as she can enjoy the Mafioso lifestyle. But what good are nice things when you’re basically a prisoner?

Mia is another story. She has a special type of Stockholm Syndrome. No spoilers, but at the end, her reaction is crazy. After all he put her through she’s like:

She’s grateful??? She hopes she’s worth it??? Nothing he could do could ever stop her from loving him??? From me he would have gotten a knuckle sandwich and this:

I have to give the author credit, though. She has written an engaging story and at this point I’m too far in. I have to see what kind of kooky, wacky things Mateo pulls in the next book and how far Mia and Meg will debase themselves for him.