3.5/5 Team Arum Stars

It’s been great getting back to the Lux world again. For most of the series, the Arum are the bad guys. But in the later books that the Luxen do some really terrible things, and maybe the Arum aren’t so bad after all.

My feelings for the Luxen race changed on a dime. (Yes, I still love Daemon, Dawson, and Dee) But now I don’t trust the Luxen, and I’m less suspicious of the Arum’s motives.

This is the story of one of the good Arum. At the outset, Hunter works for the DOD but only in the sense that he’s working for himself. Meeting Serena changes him. He develops feelings for her and that makes him more human. One of his greatest character traits is his honesty. It comes off cold and heartless sometimes, but compared to the Luxen, who blow smoke up the humans’ asses, it’s actually quite refreshing.

My main complaint about the story is there’s too much sex. (I know, I’m shocked too.) The plot seemed thin, and almost just a vehicle for the sex scenes.

It got so bad, I was skimming.

As a heroine, Serena is just okay. When Hunter tells her to hide upstairs, it’s for her safety. But she’s so, “Muh feminism” that she never listens. And don’t get me started on her insisting on going to Colorado.

If I’m honest, I like Daemon and Kat’s storyline better, but I do enjoy Ms. Armentrout’s writing. I give her an extra half star for that alone.

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