4/5 Argh! stars

If you’ve read Prison Planet Barbarian, you’ve already met our Pirate Barbarian, Kivian. He rescued his brother, Jutari, and his mate, Chloe, from prison. Kivian is running a scam to get lethiul crystal without paying for it. The alien he is running the scam against has a human pet on a chain, Fran.

This story is different than the other Barbarian stories. Fran and Kivian actually fall in love before they have any type of physical encounter. Kivian doesn’t want Fran to think he just rescued her so he could use and abuse her himself. Fran doesn’t put the moves on Kivian, because she fears he’ll reject her.

As with all of Ruby’s books, I’m reading with a smile on my face and laughing until I’m peeing my pants. The misunderstanding of Fran’s name this time is especially funny. Ruby must write this stuff with an adult diaper on.

The more I read about the Mesakkah, the more I see how different they are from their more primitive ancestors, the Sa-khui. Mardok was kind of beat down from his military life and being a mechanic. Jutari was hardened from prison life, and Kivian is a pirate, but all seem more civilized than the Sa-khui, who are still in the hunterer-gatherer phase. For Mardok and Jutari, this was a negative. One gives up the rat race for primitive life on the Ice Planet. The other becomes a farmer on an outpost planet. (Part of that is because it is highly illegal to have a human.) Kivian, the clothes horse with lots of nice things, prefers his lifestyle as a wealthy pirate. Lucky for him, Fran enjoys being a pirate. Argh!

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