5/5 This is what I’m talking about stars.

So glad I read this. This reminds me of the first five books in the Fever series. It’s like a cross between Faefever and Shadowfever. The world is about to end, again, and Mac, Barrons, Dani, Ryodan and others have to save the day.

I liked the second half of the book better than the first. The book really took off for me at 40%. Mac has to make some difficult choices and time is running out for the planet. The black holes are going to devour it. Poor Christion. I vote him most likely to have bad things happen. Always.

Some of the characters changed for the better. Some of the characters didn’t change at all. And some are left hanging. I sure hope KMM has some plans for those characters in future books.

Two characters died. One was expected. (She foreshadowed the heck out of it) It made me very sad, even though with the plot, I thought it was necessary. The other was kind of like an Enterprise C/Tasha Yar death of someone who shouldn’t have been there anyway.

The ending was perfect. Can’t wait for next book!