3.5/5 You blinded me with science stars

I recommend this for those who like to geek out on the science of hauntings. It starts out with your basic paranormal information that you can get from watching a few episodes of Ghost Hunters or Ghost Adventures. It quickly evolves to complex scientific hypotheses on magnets and electricity and their effect on humans and telepathy. It was a little dry for my taste.

My layman’s interpretation of the first five or six chapters:

Intense emotional upheaval + electricity in humans = ghostly sightings

I much preferred chapter seven that dealt with a spontaneous cases presented in anecdotal form. (I simply find that more interesting.)

The author has an extensive background as a professional therapist in mental illness. He brings this to the table in chapter ten. I agree with him that mental illness should be ruled out first. If it has been ruled out, or meds and therapies aren’t working, I’m open to seeking out a priest. I’m a little more skeptical when it comes to his take on sleep paralysis. I’ve read all about the scientific explanation, but I do think there is something more sinister going on. Especially in the cases of small African and Asian villages with an epidemic level of sleep paralysis that sometimes results in death. For an interesting and different take on sleep paralysis, I recommend this book:

A little aside. When he mentioned the unfounded belief by some in healthcare about the full moon, I thought of this meme.