3.5/5 stars.

This book is free on Amazon. One of the reviewers I follow on Goodreads recommended it so, I thought I’d give it a try. Olivia is a high school girl with a rare disease called psyche sans soma. We don’t learn much about it other than it makes her hand glow and she can reach inside people and pull things out. (It’s book one in a four-book series, so we’ll probably find out the rest in the following stories.)

She’s just minding her own business, when her hand reaches into the girl sitting in front of her, grabbing a bag of razor blades. It seems the hand grabs things out of people, and these objects have power. Olivia can make them work to her advantage. The new boy next to her in class tries to help, but she runs away. We find out the boy, Marcus, is really trying to help her because he knows this evil group, CAMFers, is trying to get rid of all the kids with PSS. She meets a group of guys who also have PSS. The rest of the book is about dodging the CAMFers and trying to figure out what Olivia’s PSS hand can do.

Ms. Patton’s ideas are refreshingly original. I’ve never read a plot quite like this before. The first few chapters flew by. It’s not perfect, but the story has a lot of room to grow.

I have to remind myself Olivia is a teenager. Her inner monologue can be a little eye-rolling. She jumps to conclusions that are quite surprising, and she’s usually right. The reader must suspend belief in some cases, but it does further the story. I’m on a reading streak lately of female protagonists who never listen to people who happen to know more about the situation than they do. I just want to shake her sometimes. She’s head-strong and doesn’t listen to Marcus when he’s trying to save her bacon.

But then again, for most of the book, Marcus lies constantly.

I’ll probably read the other books in the series to see what the heck PSS is.

The cover is beautiful, too.