3/5 not the same without Will stars
This book kept my interest, hence the three stars. Still, I had a lot of problems with these characters.

Louisa-She’s struggling in this book. This is my visual representation of her:

Lily, Will’s daughter, especially takes advantage of her.
She attends this awful grieving group. They don’t seem to be grieving so much as missing sex. It is the main topic of discussion.

Lou’s family- Her dad is slightly more agreeable. I couldn’t stand her mother in Me Before You and she hasn’t improved. She’s gone from Judgy evangelical pants, to third-wave feminist. Neither incarnation is attractive. Treena, Lou’s sister, is smug and condescending as always. The family acts like she’s so smart, and Lou’s the dummy. But I’m not impressed. Just as in the first book, she was a complete jerk for most of the book and only had one redeeming moment.

Lily-rude, grifter, thief, privileged, pretentious, unappreciative, spoiled. I could go on and on. Lou should have kicked her out. Her mother’s awful, but that’s no excuse. I’m still angry she stole Lou’s Gran’s earrings to pay off the guy with the sext pic. I wish he had posted it online. It would have served her right.

Sam-love interest. Likable, but not well-developed.

Will’s parents. Still like his mother. His father is flawed, but not awful It feels as if the author wrote him to be weak so that readers would hate him. It back-fired on me.

I’m not sure if I’ll read. Still Me.

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