5/5 No Xanax on the Ice Planet Stars

Loved this! Ms. Dixon gives a warning at the beginning that Ariana has anxiety. It didn’t bother me at all and I didn’t find her annoying, as some of the others on the Ice Planet did.

I did have to laugh when Haeden tells Zolaya, “your khui has poor taste in females.” He gets punched for it.

I thought it was well done with the flashback, as Ariana is one of the first females on the Ice Planet. I loved how Zolaya always knew how to calm his anxious mate down and talk her out of her mind avalanches.

Glad he gets back to the tribe. I’m reading the The Barbarian Before Christmas now. These newcomers on the beach better get their act together because everyone is disgusted with being separated from their mates and kits.

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